Why you should eat food while sitting in the Sukhasana pose

Why you should eat food while sitting in the Sukhasana pose
Why you should eat food while sitting in the Sukhasana pose

“A good metabolism goes a long way in fat loss,” said yoga practitioner Juhi Kapoor.

Weight reduction isn’t just with regards to practicing or following a specific eating routine, it is similarly about making comprehensive way of life changes and following specific propensities. This likewise incorporates how you eat your food consistently.

Authorities on the matter agree, plunking down on the floor leg over leg while eating can assist you with processing food better and, thusly, help weight reduction.

“Sukhasana or the crossed-legged situated posture is extraordinary for eating your dinners. It will assist with processing food quicker, assimilate supplements better and help digestion,” said yoga professional and wellness powerhouse Juhi Kapoor.

Sukhasana or easy pose is a “game-changer”, she said, adding “you will end up eating less and it will result in calorie deficit.”

How to do?

Cross your legs at the ankles with the left leg on top of right leg


*Arthritis in knee
*Spinal issue

If you cannot sit on the floor, you can do Saral Siddhasana, Kapoor suggested.

How to do Saral Siddhasana?

*Sit on the floor
*Fix one leg on the perineum with the sole facing upward
*Place other heel partially upon the first heel with the sole facing upward
*Hands on knees. Avoid bending elbows
*Keep spine erect
*Make sure you are on your sitting bones

Great pose to practice pranayams and meditation.


*Stretches the front of your ankles.

*Strengthens calf muscles.

*Stretches groin muscles, which help improve hip flexibility.

*Stretches inner thighs/hip adductors.

*It’s a great hip opener.

*Strengthens your lower back.


*Injury in knees or hips

Arthritis: For those with arthritis of the knees, hips, and feet should avoid sitting on the floor, said Kapoor.

“If you are suffering from sciatica, be cautious. If this asana is uncomfortable in case of sciatica, avoid it,” said Kapoor.

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