Warning of unthinkable high numbers in oil prices by the Saudi Leader

Warning of unthinkable high numbers in oil prices by the Saudi Leader - NewsGoLive
Warning of unthinkable high numbers in oil prices by the Saudi Leader - NewsGoLive

A warning is being issued by the crown prince of Saudi Arabia in interview broadcasting on Sunday about the possible jump to oil prices to unthinkable high numbers, in case the world does not co-operate for deterring Iran, adding that he would prefer a political solution rather than a military one.

During the 60 minutes talk to the CBS program, the ruler Mohammed bin Salman denied that the journalist Jamal Khashoggi was killed by Saudi operatives nearly before one year on his order; also said, being the leader of his country he takes the complete responsibility for that incident.

Khashoggi’s death sparked a worldwide cry and while tarnishing the prince’s reputation, the Trump administration’s standoff with Iran, adversary of Saudi, more recently dominated US policy towards Riyadh, particularly after attacking on Saudi oil industry’s heartland on September.

The ruler said, “If strong and firm action is not being taken by the world co-operatively for deterring Iran, then further escalations will threat the world interests”. “There will be disruption in oil supply and the prices will skip unexpectedly like never before”.

On Tuesday in an interview in Saudi Arabia, the crown prince said, “The US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo and he carry the same view about the September 14 attacks, that it was an act of war by Iran that harmed the biggest petroleum-processing facility in the world and damaged more than 5% of global oil supply”.

A war between Iran and Saudi Arabia can collapse the world economy so he preferred a peaceful resolution instead, the ruler said.

Iran has been blamed for the attacks by the United States, European powers and Saudi Arabia though they denied any involvement. The responsibility was claimed by Yemeni Houthi the Iran-aligned rebel group.

The prince said, “The political and peaceful settlement is more preferable than military one”.

The ruler of Saudi Arabia also added saying that the U.S President Donald Trump should meet Hassan Rouhani, the Iranian President for crafting a new deal on Tehran’s nuclear program that will influence the Middle East.

The initiatives for bringing them together were failed Last week at the United Nations General Assembly. Following the U.S. withdrawal from an Iranian nuclear deal with its reinstatement of sanctions against Tehran, tensions have escalated between U.S and Tehran.

Firm reply

In Turkey before the anniversary of the killing of Khashoggi in a Saudi consulate, while asked whether the murder followed his order the prince replied “absolutely not”.

Because some working individuals in Saudi government committed this, he is taking the complete responsibility for the murder, said by the prince.

A mistake has been done and all the necessary actions for avoiding such a thing in the future will be taken, said the crown prince and he called the incident “heinous”.

According to the CIA and some western governments, they believe that the prince ordered the killing, though the Saudi officials continuously denying his role.

After initial denials, rouge operatives were blamed for the murder by the official Saudi narratives. According to the public prosecutor the repatriation of Khashoggi was ordered by the then deputy intelligence chief, the royal insider and afterwards an outspoken critic, but after the discussions failed about his return the killing was ordered by the lead negotiator.

Without letting him know when asked how the murder could have happened, said the crown prince that, “according to some, the daily routine of 3 million people who works for Saudi government, should be known by me”. It is not possible for 3 million people to send their daily reports to the leader or the second highest person in the Saudi government”.

He said ensuring that “investigations are underway, and once someone proved guilty, they will be taken to the court and no exception will be made regarding their rank”.

Though eleven Saudi suspects put on trial with secretive proceedings, few hearing held so far. A.U.N. report made a call for the investigation of the prince Mohammed and other important officials.

The Washington post columnist Khashoggi was seen in Istanbul at the Saudi consulate where he was supposed to receive papers of his wedding, on 2nd October and for the last time. Reports say that his body was exiled from the building after being dismembered and remains was never found.

While asked regarding the criticism of the Saudis in the U.S. congress related to the Khashoggi murder and military campaign in Yemen led by Saudi Arabia which witnessed a huge civilian toll, replied the crown prince, “the relation between U.S and Saudi Arabia is much greater than that”.

Congressional efforts are being resisted by Donald trump for blocking U.S. arms sales to Saudi Arabia.

The prince repeated a call for Iran to stop supporting Houthi forces in Yemen and he added that; he is willing to take all initiatives for a political solution for ending the war there.


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