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Tourism Competitiveness Index Report Published: India Ranks 34th on World Tourism

Travelling is indeed the most refreshing part and definitely a change of mind for every single individual. It is reported that India has moved up six places in its rank, at presently ranking thirty-fourth in the world travel and tourism competitive index, driven by the rich natural and cultural resources and strong price competitiveness. All this necessary information regarding the current uplifted position of India was calculated on the basis of a WEF report, as provided on Wednesday.

India has uplifted its rank from the later 40th to the shining 34th, which is considered to be the greatest improvement over 2017 among the top 25 percent of all the countries, as it is ranked in the report.

“India which accounts for the majority of South Asia’s T&T ( travel and tourism) GDP, remains the sub region’s most competitive T &T economy, moving up six places to rank 34thglobally”, the report had said.

According to the information’s in the report, China, Malaysia, India, Thailand, Mexico , Brazil who are not the countries having a high economy rate, but ranks in the top 35 in the overall list , stand out in the Cultural resources and the Business travel pillar through their unique combination of rich natural and cultural resources and strong price competitiveness.

“India showed the greatest percentage improvement to its overall Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index(TTCI) score, which has helped it become only the lower-middle-income country in the top 35”, according to the report, as it lauded it’s natural and cultural assets and price competitiveness.

According to the statistics provided by means of the sub-regional perspective, India has a better air infrastructure (33rd), ground and port infrastructure (28th), international openness(51st) and natural(14th) and cultural resources(8th). Compared to the high global benchmarks, reports say that India can also add price competitiveness(13th) to its roster of strengths, as per the reports noted.

“India has also greatly improved its Business environment( 89th to 39th) overall T&T policy and enabling conditions (79th to 69th), infrastructure (58th to 55th), and information and communications technology(ICT), readiness(112th to 105th) “, it noted.

As there are two sides of a coin, India is still to improve its enabling environment (98th), tourist service infrastructure (109th) and environment sustainability (128th) as per the reports.

THE travel and Tourism Competitive Index or TTCI, that has a wide coverage around 140 economies, measures the set of policies and factors that enables the sustainable and perfect development of the travel and tourism sector which contributes in a great manner to the development and wide range competitiveness of a country.

Spain is considered to hold the topmost position in the World Economic Forum’s (WEF’s) latest Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report(TTCR), which ranked 140 countries on their relative strengths in global tourism and travels. You would be amazed to know that Spain is followed by France, Germany, and Japan, with the United States replacing the UK in the list of the top five.

While when we count the others on the list of 10, we have the UK in the sixth place, Australia in the seventh, Italy, Canada and Switzerland in Eighth, Ninth and Tenth respectively. The reports also mentioned that Asia-Pacific was also one of the fastest-growing travel and tourism regions according to this year’s ranking.

Japan, on the other hand, is considered to have a tourist and travel economy, ranking the fourth position globally, while China is by far, the one and only largest travel and tourism economy in the Asia-pacific and holds the 13th position if calculated globally. The Philippines, on the other hand, holds the 75th rank after moving up to four places than that it holds previously. Pakistan holds the 221strank and is considered to be the least competitive country in South Asia, when it comes to T&T, including the least favourable safety and security (134th).

The biennial study had shown that there was a steep rise in the sector of Tourism, which comprised of the increasing scores of several countries, but has also warned of an approaching ‘tipping point’, where factors like less expensive travel and fewer tourist barriers increase the demand to unsustainable levels.

“Countries must look beyond short term gains for travel and tourism to ensure a positive future for their economies”. Travel and Tourism can drive economies, but only if policymakers ensure proper management of their tourism assets, which require a holistic multistakeholder approach”, were the words quoted by Lauren Uppink, who is the head of Aviation, Travel and Tourism at WEF.

The 140 economies were ranked in four sub-indexes; enabling the environment, Travel and Tourism policy and enabling the conditions, infrastructure, natural and cultural resources. The total sub-indexes comprise a total of 14 pillars, which holds the potential in scoring a nation’s travel and tourism Competitiveness.


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