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Samsung Galaxy M30s Featuring 6000mAh Would Change your Lifestyle

Among all the primary things in a smartphone, the most important thing is its battery life. It is considered to be the super feature of a smartphone. Pushing the limits of battery life to a great extent is quite common among all the existing smartphones in the world. Samsung is considered to have put a great mAh number in its last offering. The latest Samsung galaxy m30s are considered to have a great battery life of 6000 mAh which is pretty great for any smartphone user. It is said that the new smartphone released by Samsung is no less than a monster and hence by looking on the specifications sheet you can definitely understand the beastly effect it has showered upon its latest creation. The latest model of Samsung is considered to be the perfect companion for every millennial who love their smartphones. Millennials today love to roam about in the world, go live stream anywhere, edit videos whenever they want and play games wherever they can. Multiple gaming marathons require strong battery life as it helps the device to run smoothly without developing any sort of heat effect within. All the millennials today who love gaming loves to get challenged by the potential of their phones and hence Samsung Galaxy m30 with extended, beastly battery life, comes into the picture, and is a perfect fit for this brigade.

For a millennial, playing games on the phone is a craze and is definitely the most entertaining thing and hence the ‘low battery’ notification can destroy the mood and energy of it. Trust us no one wants to run in search of a charger in the middle of a spicy PUBGsession just in order to juice up and get a couple more “chicken dinners”. But unfortunately, due to the limited battery size of various smartphones, this has become a norm and the most common thing that an individual does while playing, one of the most energetic games of the world. Samsung galaxy m30 and its gigantic beastly battery life will change the entire gaming mood in the future days to arrive, literally. Keeping your phone juiced up every time and then sitting in a session , playing with your friends, will be just past now. With the battery life of your phone draining at a much slower rate you can enjoy longer hours with your chaps, playing games on your device. In spite of having a gigantic battery life, the phone is thin and sleek and weighs only 188 grams.

A Smartphone’s battery life depends on several factors, but the most important one is the number of “charging cycles” that your device goes through. One “charging cycle” is represented by the time your smartphone goes from 0% to 100%. The lesser is the battery size the more is the charging cycle that your device goes through, resulting in greater wear and tears and hence decreasing lifeline or potential of your phone. This counts for the overall performance drop of your smartphone as it ages. However, with Samsung galaxy m30s you would suffer the least charging cycles because of the gigantic 6000 m a h battery life that it provides to your smartphone. A large number of battery at your disposal is equal to a greater performance hour of your device due to the greater potential of your battery. This means that you would get an uninterrupted session of gaming, live streaming, Instagram ming and so on. With such huge battery life, Samsung galaxy m30 is likely to outlive its contemporaries.

There are several users out there who turn off the internet data in order to save battery life. Many of them even decrease the brightness of the phones in order to protect their devices from being switched off due to the lesser or the decreasing amount of battery life. But we can guarantee you that these factors won’t disturb you in the future days if you bring home the Samsung galaxy m30 which gives you the longest 131 hours of music playback and as much as 14 hours of video playback with the gigantic 6000 mAh battery life.

The latest offering from the company is the triple camera sensor, with one offering a48 MP lens helping you to capture the best moments in the best quality possible. Lenses in a smartphone camera are expected to be brilliant and hence Samsung galaxy m30s provides you with the 48 MP lens which is considered to be one of the best resources for capturing your memorable moments. The lens quality of Samsung will definitely bring the model to a new level where one can spend some of the best hours clicking some of the brilliant photos of the next level. Even the selfie shooter is considered to click some of the most amazing photos in a brilliant quality. Apart from the cameras, the Samsung Galaxy M30s will sport a huge sAMOLED screen with a screen to body ratio, of more than 90%. There are many benefits for having a sAMOLED screen, as it consumes less power, provides you with a better contrast ratio and is quick to adapt to external lighting. this means that when you will look at the screen you will definitely find it to be different and better than many others.

The new octa-core Exynos processor of Samsung galaxy m30s is undoubtedly the most interesting and exotic feature of a  smartphone which provides you with the best performance. From the initial examination of the phone, you can never imagine the superb battery life of gigantic 6000 mAh it comprises and the best performance it provides due to the octa-core Exynos processor. The sleek design which is carried from the previous model is not the same in the new one, as Samsung galaxy m30s are much lighter than that of the previous model.

The Samsung Galaxy m30s is the monumental upgrade of the previous version namely Galaxy m30, however, in the more competitive budget-smartphone segment the tech giant is ready to make some noise. There are rumors around that the next model namely the Samsung Galaxy M10s is almost ready to rock on the floor. The new budget smartphones are called as the Samsung Galaxy M10s. According to the rumors, the Samsung Galaxy M10s will have a sAMOLED display and will definitely follow the rule of having its price under 10k similar to that of its previous model. By looking at the rumored specification sheet of the upcoming model, this can be considered to be a game-changer.

With such huge battery life, Samsung went on a quest to test the true power of its upcoming model. With its, #Gomonster on one charge challenge. Amit Sadh took on a #MonsterTrial from Leh to Pangongto Hanle, on dusty roads, through remote locations in order to fulfill the challenge. The only partner that it Sadh had on his journey was the Samsung Galaxy M30s who was with him along the tough terrains and treacherous plains, where he had clicked numerous photos, used his GPS and also played games.

The challenge was subsequently passed on to the mountaineer, Arjun Vajpai, who had scaled the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest when he was just 17. Truly wanting to test the Samsung Galaxy M30s resilience, Vajpai was challenge to capture India’s first sunrise in the Dong valley in Arunachal Pradesh and on the same day India’s last sunset in Gujarat’s Kutch region, which meant that Vajpai had to #GoMonster against time using the Samsung Galaxy M30s as his only companion. Not only did the device made its attempts successful in clicking photos of India’s first sunrise, but we also capable of surviving itself for 3500 km+ journeys, without him having to charge it at least once.

People are waiting eagerly for the launch of this monster device. Samsung’s Galaxy M30s will be officially launched on September 18th at noon.


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