Restraint manufacture of single-use plastic products by October 2, states hold

Restraint manufacture of single-use plastic products by october 2,states hold
Restraint manufacture of single-use plastic products by october 2,states hold

The Centre has issued a regulatory to States and Union Territories, asking them to restrain the production of plastic products, plastic cutlery and products of thermocol before October 2. A clear list of all banned products has not been issued but plastic bags, polythene,plastic tableware, plastic cups, spoons, forks, stirrers and another decorative item you may not see after October 2. This was issued in line with the Ministry of Environmental, Forest and climate change directing these items to be banned at all Government offices as well as public and private sector firms and all offices. Some are expecting the ministry to come out with a definite list of plastics which is to ban.

The Government has laid stress on clearing Biological Waste and curbing them to zero by motivating source segregation in each and every office. The role of Bio-Medical Waste Management, as well as States Pollution Boards, is highly regarded in this manner. Further stress is being laid out in preventing the use of single-use plastics. Earlier this year, Biomedical Waste Management guidelines have been made mandatory for Hospitals, Nursing homes and all Clinics. This assures the dream of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, restriction of the use of single plastics.

]Now the question that is arising how the Business world, Corp-orates Houses, Organizations will adapt to this new change and what is another alternative to be provided in this regard. Focusing on realization on harmful effects of using plastics and creating awareness specially at Roads, public transport, government offices, tourist spots, schools would hasten the process in creating a cleaner India.


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