Now 70 LED bulbs will be available for 10 rupees: Government’s UJALA scheme


People living in the village will no longer have trouble buying electric bulbs. India’s Energy Efficient Services Limited (EESL) is planning to provide around 60 crore bulbs in rural areas at the rate of Rs 10 per bulb (LED buld in rural India). Let us tell you how you will get a bulb of 70 rupees for 10 rupees.

This scheme is also planned to be done without any subsidy or government help. This move of EESL is considered to be a boost to Make in India and to advance India’s climate change strategy. With this, the village Ujala scheme is also considered to be a boost.

70 rupees bulb will be available for 10 rupees: EESL is currently running the world’s largest lighting program. Under the government’s UJALA scheme, the LED bulb sold in 2014 for Rs 310 has now come to Rs 70. But now the people of the village will give 10 rupees for this bulb and the remaining 60 rupees will be given through the revenue from carbon credits. Explain that the government is running the village Ujala scheme under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the United Nation, in which the benefit of claiming carbon credits is given.

This step of EESL is therefore important: Only one fifth or about 18 per cent of 36 crore LED bulbs are distributed in rural areas under the village Ujala scheme. Access to electricity in rural areas will also be encouraged under the village Ujala scheme. Due to Corona virus epidemic, many companies are preparing to exit from China. In such a situation, this step of EESL will prove to be attracting many companies.



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