New Pokemon Game Grabs $26 in a Single Week

New Pokemon Game Grabs $26 in a Single Week
New Pokemon Game Grabs $26 in a Single Week

Pokemon games are undoubtedly a great success and indeed earn a greater sum of profit. The latest news says that it has just been a week since a new Pokemon game named Pokemon Masters is launched by the developers DeNA and The Pokemon Company. The game is said to be launched all across the platforms in more than 60 countries. As per the reports delivered by the Sensor Tower, it is stated that the game is undoubtedly a hit and has managed to earn itself a grand sum of $26 million in just the opening week. On proper and careful examination of the revenue number, the game Pokemon Masters can be considered to be the second most grossing Pokemon Franchise game after Pokemon Go, which has earned a sum of $56 million.

Reports state that the major portion of the provided revenue comes from the worldwide known Apple Store which is considered to be around 72% and the remaining portion of the revenue, which is 28% comes from that of Google Play. United Nations or the US is considered to be ruling at the top of the list with $4.5 million, which is considered to be roughly 17% of the total revenue, followed by that of nations like Hong Kong, Taiwan, and France. Apart from all the stated facts, it is to be noted that the game, Pokemon Masters has also managed to cross the mark of a grand number of 10 million players globally in just four days of the launch.

Although, Pokemon Masters is considered to have a brilliant opening than that of Pokemon Go, this is to consider that Pokemon Go was launched in just five countries, compared to that of 60 countries. Hence on the basis of this report, it can be said that the free-to-play game does not even come near the boundary of that of Pokemon Go.

For all those who are unaware, this news is to mention the fact that the famous Japanese game-maker DeNA – who is considered to hold the franchise behind games like Mario Kart Tour, Final Fantasy and so on, along with the Pokemon Company, has launched a new mobile game, namely, Pokemon Masters.

According to rules and regulations of the Pokemon Masters game, players will meet some previous familiar characters from the main series of games, like Misty and Broke and would be also able to pair with the other trainers around the globe. It is also to be noted that they are given the potential to fight against AI in 3V3 matches, which are held on the island of Pasio. It is free to play the game and also comes with an additional in-game purchase option. The game also serves you with an option of a co-op mode in which the players are provided the potential to play their favorite game along with their two other friends. This game is made especially for the users or appropriately the game lovers so that they can feel the similar taste of Pokemon go and can enjoy the brilliance of Pokemon Masters.


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