Lift Your Metabolism And Lose Weight With This Easy-to-Make Amla Juice

Lift Your Metabolism And Lose Weight With This Easy-to-Make Amla Juice
Lift Your Metabolism And Lose Weight With This Easy-to-Make Amla Juice

With the bubbly energies kicking in, it gets fairly difficult to not eat those delightful treats and hold your weight within proper limits. Celebrations are tied in with getting together, and pigging out your top choice (which is high on calories, clearly) food. It is hard to keep a tab of your exercise routine and your eating regimen. However, there are not many things you can attempt to keep that weight gain away. Drinking amla squeeze each day can assist you with forestalling weight gain and lift your insusceptibility as well.

Indian gooseberry a.k.a Amla is quite nutritious and known to help get rid of various ailments. This translucent green fruit is rich in vitamin C, a strong antioxidant. You can have it raw, dried or in the form of a juice or a murabba- amla is loaded with all good things.

Delhi-based nutritionist Gargi Sharma told NDTV Foods that Amla is a perfect ingredient to prepare home remedies for issues like cold, cough, mouth ulcers and more. Amla can also help in boosting metabolism and digestion. Being rich in fibre, Amla can keep you full for longer and prevent overeating. It is also low in calories and therefore perfect for those who are looking to shed those extra kilos.

What are the health benefits of Amla?

  • Reduces Bad Cholesterol: Amla is rich in Chromium which helps in reducing bad cholesterol in the body.
  • Anti-Aging: Since Amla is known to have antioxidants, it will prevent many diseases. It destroys every radical that promotes ageing and wrinkles. So, if you drink Amla juice daily, it will help you look young. It will also eliminate every skin problem you ever had.
  • Helps in digestion: Do you often have digestion problems? Well, you know what the solution is- amla! Since amla has fibre it helps in digestion effectively and it will keep you away from any bowel issues. Your bowel movements will be fine with amla.
  • A supple, glowy skin: Every woman looks for natural ways to improve their skin texture, to get rid of blemishes, and to make it glow. Consume amla daily and you will see how you start glowing. You also have the option of applying an amla mask so that it removes all your dead skin.
  • Reduces the risk of heart diseases: One of the best ways to reduce the risk of heart diseases is by drinking amla juice or consuming anything that has amla in it. It pumps blood to the heart and rest of the body and also ensures that there is hardly any cholesterol build-up. If you have amla regularly, your chances of heart stroke and heart attack will be also less.

How to Make Amla Juice For Weight Loss

You can make amla juice by taking some deseeded amla in the juicer and blending it well. After that make sure you strain the juice and dilute it in lukewarm water. According to the NDTV Food report, one should mix 20ml to 30ml amla juice in a glass of lukewarm water and drink it empty stomach.

You can have this juice every day to enjoy the multiple health benefits. It helps you detox and speed up your weight loss journey.

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