Law Judges every person; a tweet from Tejasvi Surya after arrest of P. Chidambaram

Law Judges every person; a tweet from Tejasvi Surya after arrest of P. Chidambaram
Law Judges every person; a tweet from Tejasvi Surya after arrest of P. Chidambaram

The arrest of former Union Minister P. Chinadambaram was made from his own residence in Dekhi’s jorb bagh. The investigation department came from Bangaluru, South MP Teatasvi Suray, it gves srises to serious issues in Indian politics. Its said theta that the authorities are snatching their residence and thus confusion started from wednesady night. The decision was taken by Benaglauru South MP. Tejasvi Surya. The arrest of MR. P.Chidambaram has lead to several to political drama and also MR. Chiodambaram achieved several estimable position that helps him to get a better recognition in the Union Cabinet since the ninetieth century.

Presently, there are several controversial quotes revealing the lawmaker’s decision and it gives rise to serious political drama. P.Chidambaram has occupies estimable positions in the Indian politics and this arrest give rise to serious issues.  

Union Minister babul Supriyo tweeted that speaking the freedom at the congress headquarters in the sane evening. Now, once you the Press Con @PChidambaram_IN ji happened today at the @INCIndia HQ he spoke about the liberty. So, it gives rise to several political issues and liberty comes up with different meaning.

However, the former Union Minister and his son have vehemently denied the allegations. “The drama and spectacle being enacted is to simply sensationalise and satisfy the voyeuristic pleasure of some,” Karti Chidambaram tweeted even as investigation agencies converged at his father’s residence to arrest him on Wednesday night.

The former Union Minister along wit his son continuously denies the allegations and they say that this event is done to bring in a new issue in Indian politics. A tweet from Karti Chidambaram says that the investigation agencies forced into his father’s residence arresting him on Wednesday night.

Karti Chidambaram says that there was no chargesheet filed still the investigation officers are calling him for several interrogations and also his houses was raided 4 times. There were no specific legal grounds and this interrogation is only an act of harassment as tweeted.

Randeep Surjewala tweeted after MR. Chidambaram’s that The Caongress shows a sign of democratic system in India. The campaign led by CBI/LED where Modi Government 2 0 is broadcasting the event in various news channels. It’s a shameless event that democracy gradually looses it’s power in the hands of Bharatia janata party.

Chidambaram attended a press conference before a few hours of his arrest                      and he commented that he was not named as the min accused of the case. The Union Minister on the other hand says that he has full faith on Indian law and the investigation agencies would apply them the right way. It’s time to wait for the4 Supreme Court’s decision on Friday, as said in a message to the CBI and Enforcement directorate.

Mr Chidambaram had approached the Delhi High Court for anticipatory bail yesterday, only to have Justice Sunil Gaur reject his petition.

Yesterday, Mr. Chidambaram applied for anticipatory bail in Delhi High Court and Justice Sunil Gaur however rejected his petition.


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