Know about the most searched careers of 2019 in India


Know about the most searched careers of 2019 in India

Gone are the days when students knew only about limited career options like that of medical and engineering. The world has come a long way and with new developments and innovations in every sector, the doors for a new career option has also emerged over year. The positive thing is people are now breaking boundaries and are ready to choose the new career options without just playing safe and getting limited earning. The urge to gain more has pumped up on a large scale.

The youth today is more inclined towards opting for creative and interesting fields unlike following the older traditions. One of the major factors which escalates the youngsters to opt for new career option is the internet world. With opening up thousands of new career option like that of Social media manager, digital marketing, graphic designing, etc. it also opens the options for you to search out for new careers which you might not have heard of. These benefits were not easily accessible to people back in time.

Getting back into time, people blindly followed what their elders guided them to with very limited knowledge. The passion, skills, and art hardly got any value and the game always remained about the merits scored and clearing competitive exams. We often come across statements of parents saying “I was interested in something else but I had no option and therefore I had to choose my present career”. This fear among students is slowly eradicating and youngsters today are not ready to let their talent dissipate.

Board exam results are declared at the beginning of every year in India and that’s the time when people take admissions in universities and choose their fields. Even universities in India are now opening up to new career options in their curriculum seeing the interests of students in large.

Let’s look at some of the most searched career option by students in the year 2019.

 1. Animation and graphics Students good with art and possessing a creative mind are trying to opt for careers in Animation and graphic designing. With almost every company these days trying to maintain an online base the need and demand of animation makers and graphic designers are raising over time. There are several colleges in India which have made a separate department for teaching animation and graphic designing course and the number of applicants for such courses are increasing over the years.

2.  Entrepreneurship – The Human mind is filled with ideas and these ideas at times lead you to do something big in life. Indian in the recent few years has seen some really good entrepreneurs grow their business at large which has encouraged youngsters to work on their ideas and begin their own start-ups. With the government of India also promoting the ‘Make in India’ campaign which brings in various methods to develop ease of doing business in the country. Youth is trying to opt for courses that give them complete knowledge of how to build their own company, making Entrepreneurship rank among one of the most desired and searched careers of 2019.

3. Media & Communication – The field which opens multiple career options including that of film making, news writing, journalism, editing, and public relations is opening up the wider option for students and that’s the reason the career is being demanded in huge numbers by students. With the easy access to reach a larger audience through social media the demand for the career has increased at large because everyone now wants to bring the best out of their work and get enough exposure. Multiple media houses in India have also started their media and communication schools giving training to students to become professionals in the field.

4.  Management studies – No company can run without proper management be it in any segment. A management study not only enhances your knowledge but also makes you completely ready for the corporate world. The degree is highly demanded in almost every corporation be it big or small and therefore millions of students opt for management studies in different fields every year and the number is increasing over time. The management degree always provides salary security, therefore, students after completing their graduation are trying to add a management degree under their name to enjoy the benefit of getting good packages.

5. Social media marketing –  The business which does not have digital marketing capability will not survive in the market for long, therefore, the need to boost brand awareness has become one of the most essential tasks of the company which is being done by well-trained professionals in the field. Not only with the company but youngsters today being tech gigs are showing a lot of interest to opt for this career. The students who are good at content creation and possess knowledge about SEO are being highly demanded by the companies.

Social media marketing
Social media marketing

If you are someone still confused about choosing a career option, explore and learn more about what could be a work of your interest and make sure you choose your passion over anything else.


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