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John Travolta on his favorite device iPhone

The well renowned Hollywood actor John Travolta who is starred in cult classics like Pulp Fiction, Face-off, Greasy among others, recently revealed his favorite gadget. In a very wide travel interview with CNET, Travolta aforementioned that the Apple iPhone is his favorite gizmo.  “I love my iPhone, I love,” he told CNET, before adding that the portrait picture the iPhone clicks impress him the foremost. “I love the portrait footage. They’re terribly clear and crisp.”

In addition Travolta said that he dreams of his first directorial movie to be shot on an iPhone. “And I’m having a daydream of doing my first directorial movie on an iPhone. I’d like to do that,” he said. With further elaboration, he added that a “little book” has been written by him years ago, which he would love to make by an iPhone. Travolta said, “I wrote a little book years ago called Propeller One-Way Night Coach, and I would love to film it on an iPhone.” Positively, quite a few movies currently are shoot on iPhone or several different smartphones moreover. Whether or not Travolta’s directorial debut comes on the iPhone is the matter yet to be revealed and remains to be seen.

The actor additionally spoke regarding his love for Instagram. He told that he likes the thought of communication to a fan base directly trough Instagram. I simply have enjoyed the flexibility to speak directly with a fan base of individuals. Whether or not I’m flying during a cockpit beginning for Europe or on a special mission of some kind, I favor sharing those moments and family moments. I solely do it if it’s fascinating to me, he told CNET.

He was asked whether or not he was techie and he aforesaid that him being a techie is restricted to Instagram. “So that’s most likely as high technical as I get, however I’m extremely appreciative of that ability to speak. It’s cool,” the actor told CNET.


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