How Modi fired at Pakistan from Trump’s shoulders

How Modi fired at Pakistan from Trump’s shoulders
How Modi fired at Pakistan from Trump’s shoulders


Neither Modi nor Trump had mentioned Pakistan or Imran Khan by name, but PM Modi made it very obvious whom he was directing his barbs at.

Trump was more nuanced by saying that understood India’s needs to secure its borders as he took his usual shot at radical Islamic terrorism.

The young volunteer has been that his colleague exchanging a high five, saying, “Pakistaniyon ki laylee”. Pm Narendra Modi had just lit into Pakistan and Imran Khan, without once naming either in front of Donald Trump, and the crowd had erupted with joy at the public humiliation of a country that was once a part of India.

Sneering at Pakistan over its concern for the events in Kashmir despite being unable to manage its own affairs at home and despite its reputation at the global hub for terrorism, Modi called for a decisive war against terrorism, asking the crowd for giving a standing ovation to the president of America, Donald Trump. In fact, the US President had given the opening for Modi to bash Pakistan, having him self generated standing ovation by railing against, “radical Islamic terrorism” that generally goes beyond Pakistan.

But Modi was quick to seize the moment by linking Pakistan to terrorist events like 9/11 and 26/11, wondering sneeringly how a country that hosted pics planners and was so unstable was worried about India’s efforts to manage Kashmir.

The crowds response to Trump-Modi’s jugalbandi on terrorism was in part driven by the relentless campaign by Pakistan in recent days to paint India-and Modi as a terrorist entity.

In The Houston itself, Pakistan had done is best in order to rain on the“Howdy Modi” parade going so far so as to send one of the federal ministers to join the protesters. They had also roped in disaffected Sikhs and all the other minorities for a hefty dose of India bashing online and onsite. The weather in Houston is related to make way for a Sunny warm day but scores of protestors gathered across the stadium holding placards that Modi is a terrorist, and accused India of conducting a genocide in Kashmir.

Vivek Shah considered being a “complete nonsense” who came down to the rally with friends from a Houston suburb. “More people are dying in violence in Karachi than in Kashmir”. The others expressed similar anger against Pakistan by holding a placard which stated with the legend #PKMKB a coarse abuse directed at Pakistan which is not fit to print in a family newspaper. The hashtag would soon trend globally as anger against Pakistan peaked online.

It is interesting as neither Modi nor Trump had mention Pakistan by name, but while Modi made it very obvious who he was directing his barbs at, Trump not known for any great subtlety, was more nuanced, saying that the US understood India needs to secure it borders as he took his usual shot at radical Islamic Terrorism.

Pakistan’s trouble hasn’t yet begun as the party now moves to New York where Imran Khan has arrived to launch what Pakistanis are calling “Mission Kashmir”. India’s motive is getting quite clear as it wants Pakistan to be considered as a terrorist nation at every global forum, where India has much greater access, prestige, credibility, and sway. With the Indian economy outsize in the Pakistan economy every single year, despite less than anticipated growth, New Delhi is confident that it can squish Pakistan economically.

The journey of Houston demonstrated what India can do and the route India will take if Pakistan denies making peace. Pakistan merely claiming that it is a votary of peace is not enough according to the Indian officials. The intent has to be backed by action something Pakistan is lacking in. That lack of intent is what enables Modi to virtually call Pakistan a terrorist state onto the face of Trump, without any fear of contradiction.

Pakistan on the other hand if seems never to get over the stigma of hosting, Osama bin Laden, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, and others, and fostering terrorist groups such as LeT and JeM.


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