Here’s why wireless earphones are India’s future


When we talk about modern marketing, the only name which came up is Philip Kotler. His theory of 4Ps plays a very crucial role in the marketing of any product or service. The 4Ps which he mentioned as the pillars of modern marketing are the product, price, place, promotion. Though it may work everywhere but in recent times in the technology world that is established on 3Cs, not 4Ps, 3Cs being curiosity, choice, convenience. To get a better understanding, let’s time travel to the past when the mobile manufacturers used to provide a headphone jack, most commonly known as a 3.5 mm headphone jack. It was the must for all of us just as much as charger and sim tool. The importance of this jack used to be on top priority and for some of us, it still is. A phone without an earphone is like having a car with no headlights.

However, the output from these ports was not just extra good or best of any kind. It can be described as strictly average. But for a common person, who just take calls and listens to music often, it was like the best friend, always there when you need it. Well, talking about the present, the bigger players in the smartphone industry have said goodbye to the headphone jack almost 2 years ago. These companies have even stopped providing the dongle to put in the charging slot to convert that into a 3.5 mm headphone jack for those who are not willing to take that wireless path yet.

Though Indian users are moving towards wireless earphones at a very rapid pace and the growth is seen is very much exponential. The IDC’s data confirms that the ear-wearables, which are headphones and earphones, the sale is grown by 122% per quarter and 375% annually. On the total wearables’ market share, the ear-wearables are a whopping 56%, followed by smart bands and watches.

The report doesn’t specify which brand has the biggest share but in the Indian market, wireless ear-wearables are selling as low as INR 599 and some even go down till INR 199. Talking about prices, there is no such cap. You want quality and doesn’t care about budget, Apple, Sony, Bose, Microsoft provides you some very premium wireless earbuds and headphones and the pricing goes as high as INR 50,000. For the sub 10,000 segment, there are also many reputed brands like Samsung, Mivi, Jabra, and so many others. Samsung offers its premium true wireless earbuds at a heavy discounted price of INR 4,991 if you buy these along with their premium smartphone. These are called Galaxy Buds and sold in market for INR 9,990 separately. Even if these big brands are unaffordable for you, there is an ocean for the wireless earphones with companies like GoNoise, Boat, etc. These earphones provide a lot of conveniences, the third C, like the ease of connection, the proper casing, no tangling, etc. However, if you are not used to these, you will find it a bit difficult to know its charging cycle.

The IDC report also states that the growth in this quarter is witnessed 4x in comparison with the same of the previous year. It’s only a matter of time when Jack will sink again after the Titanic incident.


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