New Plans of Government – great ‘green wall’ of India Stretches 1,400km

New Plans of Government - great ‘green wall’ of India Stretches 1,400km
New Plans of Government - great ‘green wall’ of India Stretches 1,400km

NEW DELHI: The Central Government of India is working on an ambitious plan to create a great ‘green wall’. The wall will remain 1,400km long and 5km wide green belt started from Gujarat to the Delhi-Haryana border. The wall will run through the width of Africa, from Dakar started from (Senegal) to Djibouti, to work on the change in climate and desertification.

However, the idea is still at the initial stage, it has previously created huge excitement among the Government official in different ministries who consider that the project, if endorsed, may turn out to be a heritage program in India’s endeavors to manage with the land degradation as well as the eastward protest of the Thar Desert.

They consider that the idea of creating a green belt started from Panipat to Porbandar not just help in restoring demeaned land through forestation along with the Aravali hill range that moves across Gujarat, Haryana, Rajasthan, and Delhi among others. However, they work as a barrier for dust approaching from the deserts in western India and Pakistan.

According to the Government official, “The thought of making an enormous green belt was part of the program of the recently held during the conference (COP14) organized by the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) in India. However, it could not be considered as the final clearance is still expected”.

Although the “Great Green Wall” of Africa, debatable almost a year ago, is still far from the truth due to the participation of several nations in its executions, India looks to duplicate the idea as a national main concern under its goal to reinstate 26 million hectares of demeaned land by 2030.

The Aravali has been recognized as one of the solution degraded zones to be consumed for greening under India’s objective to reinstate 26 million hectares (MHA) of its ground. India has, at nearby, 96.4 MHA of disgraced land which is 29.3% of the country’s full geographical area (328.7 MHA).

The land degradation atlas and desertification of India and, call upon by the ISRO in the year 2016, showed that Delhi, Rajasthan, and Gujarat were among states/UT were more than 50% of the whole area was degraded land and those under the risk of desertification.

On the Great Green Wall of Africa, African nations had during the COP14 last month required global assistance when it comes to financing to create a reality continent’s Sahel area by 2030. The plan was introduced by the African Union a few years ago with the assistance of numerous partners which includes the World Bank, UNCCD, and the Commission of Europe.


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