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Government Bans E-Cigarettes Due to Rising Epidemic Among Kids in India


  • On Wednesday the cabinet accepted the ban on e-cigarettes.
  • According to this law, any kind of manufacturing, import, export or sale of e-cigarettes is considered as a criminal offense.
  • The government has opted for the ordinance path to make the ban effective.

New Delhi: The Government on Wednesday puts a ban on manufacturing, import, export, and sale of e-cigarettes and if anyone is found doing any such activity the person would be punished with a jail term of 1 -3 years along with fines up to Rs. 1-5 lakhs.

The government is taking an ordinance route to apply the ban, as it destroying the characters of the new age bracket. Health ministry says that these e-cigarettes come in different flavors followed by a nice appearance due to which youngsters developed countries are becoming too much addicted to these things. This ban also includes hooka bars in the cities.

The ordinance forbids any storage of e-cigarettes and also asks the states to dispose of the existing stock from the date of application of the ban. Nirmala Sitharaman, Finance Minister and Prakash Javedkar I&B Minister say that e-cigarettes, which are also referred to as vaping effect a person’s health due to consumption of nicotine along with other chemical components.

Once the ordinance is approved by the President it would be considered as a bill in the next Parliament session. On June 12, TOI first brought this event into the limelight and later on the cabinet approved of the ban on e-cigarettes.

If anyone is found involved in manufacturing or selling of e-cigarettes for the first time the person would be jailed up to 1 year along with a fine of Rs. 1 lakh. However, for consequent crimes, the jail term would be 3 years along with a fine of Rs. 5 lakhs.

Keeping any stock of e-cigarettes would be a punishable offense with a jail term of 6 months and a fine of Rs. 50,000 or a person may face both.

In this regards, another question arises that whether the more widespread use of tobacco via normal cigarettes need more urgent step. The Minister says that several actions have been taken like a ban on smoking in public spaces, offices etc that help in reducing the addiction among the growing generation.

Sitharam leads a group of ministers to say that vapes or e-cigarettes have serious health risks due to which it’s necessary to ban the use of these stuff, especially among the youths.

It’s published in a factsheet that the John Hopkins Centre for Prevention of Heart Disease reveals that nicotine is a component causing extreme addiction, promotes the production of adrenaline that increases risks of heart attacks. Using vapes was becoming a common thing among school students and it’s time to quit normal smoking too that improves the overall condition of the society.

According to public health experts, e-cigarettes come up with similar health hazards as normal cigarettes. This decision would help the new generation to avoid the addiction of e-cigarettes. Bhavna B Mukhopadhyay, Chief Executive of Voluntary Health Association of India says that till now they were sold as a product, which causes less harm, which is not true and now it’s time to ban this harmful stuff.

On the other hand, the trading bodies selling e-cigarettes claim that the government is depriving the new generation of smoking less harmful vapes. They say it’s a step to reduce the use of normal cigarettes and e-cigarettes are always a safe option with minimal health risks.

Certain health organizations, research organizations, health advocates and expert groups support this decision. And the Indian Council of Medical Research along with the expert committee strongly backed this ban and also the representative of AIMS and the National Centre of Disease Informatics and Research also says it’s a good decision. The Drugs and Technical Advisory Board, which is the Government drug advisory body in June suggested to put this ban and the government executed the process.

Eighteen states along with two Union Territories already banned the use of vapes and e-cigarettes however, there was no central law on this. Now, this law officially bans the use of e-cigarettes all across the country.

 The Association of Vapers India which is the organization representing the vapers in India says it’s a black day and the smokers are getting deprived of a safer smoking option. Samrat Chowdhery, AVI director and ‘harm reduction advocate’ says that this law would increase the risks of smoking normal cigarettes and this ban by the government shows more concern in protecting the cigarette industry than to improve the overall public health.

Presently, there are 460 brands of e-cigarettes are available in the market coming up with different levels of nicotine along with more than 7,700 flavors.


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