For Modi-Xi meeting in October, TN is all set to host

This year, in October, from 11th to 13th, the second edition of India-China informal Summit, headed by the PM Narendra Modi and President Jinping is all set to be hosted by Tamil Nadu in the town of Mamallapuram near Chennai. Though the concerned authorities have not provided all the declaration on the venue until now.

The last Summit was hosted by China and the venue was Wuhan which was concluded last year during April 27-28. A source very close to PMO said that the first venue considered was the constituency of PM, Varanasi, but now that idea was scrapped due to some reason and now Mamallapuran is being finalized. PM Modi is looking forward very interestingly to host this summit with President Xi.

The drills and security inspections are already underway by the high-level officials and security teams. A senior minister, in terms of being anonymous, confirmed that many heritage sites were surveyed to finalize the venue by these officials and teams, but the Mamallapuram is on the brink of being finalized as the Summit’s venue. At present, Tamil Nadu CM, Edapaddi K is on a tour of the UK, US, and Dubai for 2 weeks to get foreign investors to come and invest in the state.

Along with the Summit itself, there are also many speculations on the delegation visiting the UNESCO heritage sites like the seven pagodas, monuments, and temples. The minister added that as soon as the venue gets decided, the information and security detail will be shared with the Chinese government.

Mamallapuram came on the global map more evidently after the Defense Expo 2018. The expo was hosted by Defense Ministry and inaugurated by PM Modi.


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