E-registration fee proposed by the US for the companies sponsoring H-1B


The Department of Homeland Security of the United States on Tuesday in its notification proposed a minimal $10 fee for the companies providing H-1B visas as a registration fee per submission.

A legal consultant for a big IT company that provides several visas every year said that the e-registration fee seems to be decided very rationally. He also added that DHS also revised the premium processing from $1225 to $1410 in the last August. If the premium processing is available, employers get the benefit of taking the visa application to get processed within 15 days by bringing it to USCIS (the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service). The basic structure of fee for H-1B filing goes to $460 and by including many other expenses and fee submission, it goes up to $3000. It doesn’t include the premium processing fee and the amount payable to the immigration officer.

A statement released by DHS said that as the USCIS works only through the fees collected from various heads and it needs to expand its resources for the better maintenance and swift working of the H-1B visa and it is expected that this minimal fee added for the e-registration will help much in the longer run.

The objections and comments are allowed for submission from the public until October 4. In our August 21 news, we pointed out that this proposal is likely to happen in the coming days.

The USCIS, in April, opened a window for the H-1B applications and due to an excessive amount of applicants, the limit of 85,000, including Master’s visa quota of 20,000, filled up in no time. In the next year, the applicants whom visa will get successfully processed after filing in April will be able to start working in the States by October 1.

However, this pre-registration fee concept was introduced in January, but couldn’t be implemented due to opposition by the applicants who were going to file their application in April, 2019.

This step is taken to select the applications more precisely. The employers will have to pre-register online in the given window by the USCIS. The applications that will be selected from this database will be further called upon to the next steps of the process.

This will help employers in cutting a huge cost and avoid extensive documentation that just went in vain till now just to know if the application got approved or not like it was being done till now. The selection process of the applications are just another form of lottery happening there.


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