Deepika Padukone’s Teacher Leaves an Emotional Note on Teacher’s Day 2019


Dr Ashley says that a hard worker with an honest soul and who was confident enough about what she wants to do was Deepu.

I am really proud to see Deepu has a settled life as well as she has a great career in Indian film industry. He says that it’s good to know that one his students is now the biggest superstar in India.

I call her Deepu and I am so glad to say that 7 years ago in Bangalore I was her teacher. Apart from a sportsperson she was also well-versed in dancing, singing, acting and she came up with all brilliant stage performances. She came out as a part of the Sophia Brass Ensemble and Choir and it was the best in India. Her charming voice still touches my soul and I wish one day I would get a chance to explore her voice once again and would come up with her music album.

No one knows Deepika has a nice voice and her singing brings in her hidden talent. Talking about musical productions, ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ was my last work with her and it was a popular Broadway productions that got huge recognition in Bangalore.

Deepika was always simple and humble in nature despite of being brought up in an affluent family that’s the key to her success.

Getting back to 2002, some students of mine were arranging a dance drama and requested me to help them. Deepika was part of the dance team and I still remember her amazing performance.

Even today I remember her smiling face and it’s the inspiration for me to go ahead in life.

I must stay Deepu reached the sky of success and she is the one to achieve all. There is no need to prove anything and I wish she moves on in life with all her dreams becoming true. You have already become that beautiful star glorifying the sky.

Her hard work followed by her dedication helped her to explore the doors to success. You started a new life after marriage and I must say the way won’t be smooth always and you have to cope up with every situation exploring the blessings of true love. Take care of your life and you would find the happiness that gives you confidence.

Being your most beloved teacher I am always there to support you.

I would wish you a happy children’s day and may God bless you with all what you did and you want to do.

Lots of love”

Coming to her work life Deepika is playing the lead role in Meghna Gulzar‘s ‘Chhapaak’, where she is revealing the story of Laxmi Agarwal, an acid attack victim. The film would be released on January 2020. Next, she is also working on Kabir Khan’s sports drama ‘83’ and she is playing the role of Romi Dev, wife of Kapil Dev. This film would be coming up with a great story in April 2020.


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