Chinese minister asked to postpone his visit to India


The Minister of Foreign Affairs of China Wang Yi was planned to visit on Sept 9 to start the dialogue with NSA Ajit Doval on the boundary issue.

Sources confirmed that India rescheduled Wang’s visit to the country for the meeting with National Security Advisor Ajit Doval on the boundary wall issue, here on September 9. However, no official confirmation came in, but very reliable sources confirmed that it was India’s move to postpone it.

The officials are maintaining the pin-drop silence on the matter.

The representative for China for the commencement of boundary talks with India is Wang Yi, the minister of foreign affairs of China. This meeting was scheduled when our foreign minister S Jaishankar visited Beijing in August and the Modi government assigned him to inform and educate the Chinese government about the decision India is going to take on Article 370.

Even after this, China, in its typical attitude called the informal UNSC meeting on the issue of Kashmir. China wanted this meeting to be formal and with the statement, but the intervention by other member countries of the UNSC kept it informal and without the statement.

The Chinese ambassador, Zhang Yun though, put it in the way that it wasn’t due to other members but it was the Chinese council’s decision to ask for the informal meet.

Wang is already on the foreign visit and he visited North Korea, then he was scheduled to be in Pakistan on Saturday. The trio of Afghanistan, China and Pakistan are holding the discussion on peace talks. His visit was then planned and scheduled to India on Monday.

The sources close to the Chinese government told us that China had a proposal of some early harvest on the boundary issue for India. In October, for the second informal summit, President Xi is all set to visit India.

The differences between our neighboring and major countries are very much harder to avoid. To properly go through them and bilateral talks can be the only key. The issues should be seen as in a bigger picture and issues must be solved with proper consultation and dialogue. We should be working towards development and cooperation to enhance the mutual trust, said the newly appointed Chinese ambassador on Tuesday.


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