Chicken Salad Recipe

Chicken Salad Recipe
Chicken Salad Recipe

Who does not love salads? If you are non-veg then it can be the best thing to look forward to preparing Chicken Salad that would make you lick your lips. So, let us have a look at how to prepare it in the best way so as to enjoy the best taste.

Ingredients needed:

2 teaspoon mayonnaise

8 pieces of chicken nuggets

black pepper as required

1/2 bunch baby lettuce

salt as required

1/2 bunch mint leaves

1 teaspoon vinegar

Methods of preparation

Step 1

To begin with, the mint leaves and lettuce need to be chopped on a chopping board. Now the eggs need to be boiled in a pan where you need to cool it by keeping it aside. After the eggs cool down, you need to slice it into thin round slices. Make sure that you keep it for garnishing purposes.

Step 2

Next, you have to get the chicken nuggets boiled with the help of a deep bottomed pan. You need to add a little water in order to make it tender. Then you have to drain the water slowly.

Step 3

Now you have to add the nuggets along with mint leaves, chopped lettuce, mayonnaise, pepper, and salt. Make sure that you mix well where you need to garnish with egg rings. Enjoy the best taste!!!


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