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Chandrayaan enters the Orbit, Vikram and Pragyan to separate today

The separation of the lander and rover of the Chandrayaan-2 module is all set to be done by ISRO today between 12:45 pm and 1:45 pm.

A very senior scientist told us that after taking full review, the committee decided to do the separation at around 1:30 pm on Monday, i.e., today.

The module is currently in the orbit of 119*127 km of the moon. This was achieved after a maneuver of the module for a duration of 52-seconds on Sunday evening. The decision to separate was taken after this maneuver was completed.

After maneuvering, chairman Sivan talked to the media and told us that we wanted the module to be in 100*100 km orbit and by this maneuver, we achieved 119*127 km orbit. This variation is very important for the appropriate landing. This will be the cause of the correct landing on the morning of Sept 7 on the pre-determined launch site.

He also said that the separation will be done on Monday at around 1 pm and then the orbiter will move on to its journey down to the landing on moon. Now, there will be two teams. The primary team will keep the total focus on Vikram, that is, lander and the other team will monitor the movements of the orbiter.

He added that we all here at ISRO are very confident that the separation will be done successfully and we will achieve another milestone by it. The process is almost similar to the one where a satellite is get separated from the launch vehicle. The landing module will get separated and for the first time since the launch from Sriharikota on July 22, Vikram will get independence.

ISRO confirmed that all the parameters are normal in the spacecraft. After the separation, Vikram will go in 2 more orbits and then land successfully on Sept 7 in the morning on the southern polar region of the moon.

ISRO will upload the sequence of commands for the process of separation and then the whole process will get executed by the onboard systems of the aircraft automatically. The Vikram is attached by metal clamps and springs. The code which will be uploaded will release these clamps and thereby separating the lander from the rover.

The process is just like the ejection of the pilot’s seat in an aircraft in case of an emergency. It takes only 50 seconds for the whole process of separation once the command is entered.

By this successful separation, India will land on the moon on the beautiful morning of September 7. India will be the 4th country to reach the moon after Russia, America, and China.


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