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Fighting over food and early eviction promoting clatter inside the Big Boss’s house, season 13 is getting warmer

The nomination for eviction was introduced on the very second day by Big Boss 13. Several contestants engaged in the fight as even seven were in danger zone. The following will be the narrations about the incidents that happened in the second episode of Big Boss season 13.

  1. Female contestants were told to hand over heart cushions to male contestants they trust, regarding the first-week nomination for eviction. Paras got the heart cushion from Rashami, Shefali, Mahira, Dalljiet and Koena and Sidharth Shukla got it from Aarti and Devoleena while Shehnaaz trusted Abu to hand over the cushion.
  2. Regarding the task, Male contestants having multiple hearts could have saved only one female contestant while the rest will be nominated. Aarti was chosen and Devoleena was nominated by Sidharth. Koena, Shefali, Rashami, and Dalljiet were nominated by Paras while he saved Mahira.
  3. Sidharth Dey, Asim Riaz, Devoleena, Rashami, Shefali, Koena and Dalljiet were up for eviction, eventually. After the eviction process ends, a fight broke out between Paras and Shefali as she took slight and Paras believes that she is crying all the time. He replied by saying that he does not like very impulsive people. Rashami and Koena interfered to calm them but did not work.
  4. According to Aarti and Paras, Rashami ought to talk with Sidharth about her ‘not choosing him’ in the task. In the past, the two former co-stars had a big fight, suggest Paras.
  5. Another fight over rations occurred between Paras and Asim. Dalljiet’s suggestion about carefully using the tea leaves was refused to listen by Asim and that follows a shouting match between the two. According to Aarti Paras was unfair to Asim.
  6. While Shehnaaz was talking about how she exuded calories by exercise, Paras made a distasteful comment and said you lose 800 calories with one kiss and offered ‘help’ to her.
  7. Koena and Shehnaazdiscuss Paras. Shehnaaz said we are having fun and if she has a relationship within the house that will be for keeps.
  8. Rationing should be taken more scrupulously by Shehnaaz and Paras, according to Koena. For its short supply, the ration has become a hot topic inside the house. There is not enough bran for her for taking care of this duty, tells Shehnaaz. When everyone tells that she needs to be more serious about her job, she ended up in tears.


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