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A brawl in Ladakh between Indian and Chinese soldiers

According to sources, the face-off occurred on the Pangong Lake which is a long stretch of 134 km and is spread from Ladakh to Tibet.

Both the rival troops’ face-off seethed the tensions at the Indo-China border yet again on Wednesday as the troops got themselves in a protracted collision. Even though, the Indian regiment is all prepared for a major war game to put its IBGs on test in Arunachal Pradesh the next month.

The collision began just after the dawn on the northern side of Pangong Lake, which is two-third occupied by China and extends from Ladakh to Tibet.

Our sources told that the Indian army was on the usual patrol when the soldiers of PLA confronted them. They started objecting about their presence in that particular area, this is what started the face-off between the rival parties and it continued till the evening.

As per the already established bilateral tool to disable the tensions, a delegation talk led by the brigadiers from both sides had been sought and also was agreed by both sides, the army told when asked about the situation. These face-offs arise on the confusion of where LoAC actually falls and are easily sorted out by personnel or flag meetings, a high-rank officer told us.

The wrangled area of Finger-5 to Finger-8 on the same side of Pangong Tso witnessed a brawl between these two rivals on August 15, 2017, where stones and rods were used to hurt and injure each other.

That incident was coincidentally paired up with much higher damage doing face-off happened with Bhutanese land of Doklam, situated near the tri-junction of Sikkim-Bhutan-Tibet. This confrontation has lasted for the whole 73 days, the adverse reaction to this was that China built helipads and permanent stations for its troop in the north Doklam.

The interesting turn of events is going to happen when President Xi is scheduled to visit India for the second round of the informal summit with Prime Minister Modi the next month and during the same time, the Indian army is going to exercise ‘Him Vijay’ in AP.

China is not being informed of this exercise as the site is not anywhere close to the border. The exercise will consist of approximately 15,000 troops in three IBGs, on 17 Mountain Strike Corps, will be tested for its operations and logistics. The Indian Air Force will then deploy C-17, C-130J, AN-32 aircraft as well as its choppers to airlift the soldiers as well as equipment for transferring inter-valleys.

The raising of these new IBGs by the army is being done to ensure fast mobility and hitting hard on the borders with the neighboring nations, China and Pakistan. The IBG for the western front is already being exercised in the plain areas of Jammu, Punjab, and Rajasthan in the months of April-May.

These IBGs will be equipped with some kinds of self-containing units, in which they can easily mobilize the fighting arms and equipment.


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